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Reports from Tuesday’s Big 12 Meeting: Football Moves Forward

Read the title. Take a huge sigh of relief. For now.

For this writer, Tuesday was not only a day full of waiting games on the football watch, but also her birthday. I won’t tell you how many candles I blew out (safely, at home with my bubble) nor will I tell you what I wished for but I bet you can guess.

Midday Tuesday felt like that carnival ride that wouldn’t end, and you could just sense the disaster coming. Both the Big 10 and the PAC-12 tried their darnedest to derail the 2020 season, but late Tuesday evening news slowly creeped into the Twitter world. The Big 12 was, as of Tuesday, moving forward with their football season.

The decision made by the Big 12 helps both the SEC and the ACC in making their decisions to play or not, just days after the ACC’s star Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence became the spokesman for #WeWantToPlay. Both the SEC and ACC announced on their Twitter accounts prior to the Big 12 meeting that they would continue to work to move forward with the 2020 football season, so hearing that the Big 12 is also moving forward gives football fans a little reprieve of hope that there’s something to do on Saturdays in the fall. (But really–I’m open to suggestions on what people do on Saturdays . . . although I’m sure if you’re reading this, you too need suggestions.)

The Big 12 is rumored to be releasing their 2020 season schedule in the coming days, hopefully not weeks. Many of the teams have their one allowed non-conference game confirmed.

What do you think? Is football happening this fall?

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