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Rowing Enjoys Good Performances in Finals at George Mason Invitational

ORGANTOWN, W.Va. (April 25, 2021) – The West Virginia University rowing team enjoyed a good showing at the George Mason Invitational on Saturday, racing at the Occoquan Reservoir in the Sandy Run Regional Park in Fairfax Station, Virginia. 

WVU raced a Varsity 8+ and a Second Varsity 8+ and also had a boat in the Varsity 4+ event. They participated in a 2000m race, with minimal head current and 8-10mph tailwinds throughout the day.

“Of our three crews, the 2V8 performed most consistently on the day,” WVU rowing coach Jimmy King said. “Whereas the 1V8 and the V4 faltered a bit in their heats, both crews made positive adjustments to perform better in their respective finals.”

WVU’s first Varsity 8+ boat finished behind Villanova in its initial heat, and the second Varsity 8+ and the Varsity 4+ boats had good showings but placed behind Delaware in their heats. In the “B Final” races, all three boats showed a lot of resiliency, as the First Varsity 8+ boat finished in the No. 1 position, and the second Varsity 8+ and the Varsity 4+ boats, this time, overtook Delaware and placed first in both races.

“It was fun and valuable to be on a fully-buoyed race course for the first time this season and racing alongside multiple teams” King said. “Much thanks to George Mason University and all of the competing schools working together to make this event happen.”

In the preliminary heats, WVU’s first varsity eight boat finished with a time of 6:48.3. The second Varsity 8+ boat finished with a 6:54.3 time and the Varsity 4+ had a time of 7:50.2.

In the first Varsity 8+ Petite Final, WVU placed first with a time of 6:49.2, the second Varsity 8+ race ended in a top placement with a time of 6:57.4, while the 1V4 crew was in the top spot in the Varsity 4+ Petite Final with a time of 7:48.9. 

The lineups for each boat and the results can be found below.

West Virginia at George Mason Invitational, Fairfax Station, Virginia

First Varsity 8+ Petite Final

6:49.2 – WVU | 6:50.6 – Delaware | 7:06.2 – George Mason

Lineup: Lydia Nicolai, Jessica Woy, Kaira Lay, Ashlea Clark, Allyson George, Emma Toy, Megan Present, Kileigh Lade, Emily DeGlopper

2nd Varsity 8+ Petite Final

6:57.4 – WVU | 6:59.8 – Delaware | 7:28.5 – Duquesne | 7:51.1 – George Mason

Lineup: Madison Lindung, Samantha Perro, Kathleen Meldrum, Jordan Wittmaack, Ashley Dibling, Nicole Dibling, Laurna Atkins, Ally Fisher, Sydney VanAuken

Varsity 4+ Petite Final

7:48.9 – WVU | 7:53.8 – Delaware | 8:06.5 – Dayton | 8:33.9 – George Mason

Lineup: Gabrielle Riggleman, Alexandra Farron, Michaela Pulick, Anna Gall, Amanda Starliper

Press Release: WVU Athletics Communications

Photo Credit: WVU Sports

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