Saban remains coy over QB’s

Nick Saban has been very coy when asked who will get the start against the Mountaineers in the Tides opener on August 30th. Many felt that Jake Coker would be the hands down favorite for the job after transferring from FSU. Jimbo Fisher even went as far to proclaim that Coker was the best Tide QB in the Saban Era (read article here).

However, as of this past weekend Saban has yet to determine who will start for the Tide. Coker is a system QB with a great football IQ and better arm. Blake Sims, a fifth year senior at Alabama, is more of a dual threat QB who can beat you with both his arm and legs.

One thing is guaranteed though, Saban will not implement a spread style offense for Sims. Regardless, the question of who will start is something the WVU staff, and particularly Tony Gibson, will have to contend with over the next two weeks as they prepare for the showdown in Atlanta.

Many have speculated that WVU will stack the line and force Alabama to beat the Mountaineers through the air. However, that mindset may differ depending on who exactly they will see under center. In the Tide’s most recent scrimmage, which was closed to the media, Saban stated that both QB’s got equal time with the first team offense, but he continues to look for consistency.

“Both guys had their moments of doing good things, but I also saw inconsistencies with those guys. I do think Blake is probably playing a little faster right now. He’s been in the system longer and has a better understanding and has a little bit more rhythm.”

He went on to say, “I think sometimes that Jake is still trying to feel his way. He made some real significant strides in practice this week and really had some good practices, so that’s still going to be a real competitive situation. Until somebody clearly wins the job, we’re not going to make a decision.”

With Saban not ready to name a starter, that leaves the Mountaineers in a position to prepare for both Sims and Coker. Unlike the Big 12 where you know what you’ve got and can prepare, this presents a unique situation for Gibson.

While Sims gets credit for his ability to keep the pocket active, he can beat you with a nice throw or shot down field, so you aren’t dealing with a traditional dual-threat quarterback with no passing ability. Both quarterbacks deserve respect, abd the fact that Saban hasn’t named a starter is interesting and smart.

There are many unknowns for both teams as we get closer to kick off, but Saban is playing this one very close to the vest.

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