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Saturday’s spring game to be more traditional format

Morgantown, W.Va – Tuesday morning head coach Neal Brown met with members of the media ahead of Saturday’s spring football finale, the Gold-Blue game. The spring game is the spring football finale, giving a glimpse of what the team has worked on since mid-March. Saturday’s event is open to the public, with ticket sales proceeds going to WVU Children’s Hospital.

Last year’s spring game was more of an event than an actual game for the Mountaineers, which is something Brown enjoyed but will do differently this year.

“We tried to have fun with it last year; this year it’s gonna be more of a true game — divide them up, put them on teams, put them in separate locker rooms, run them out and let them play and see kind of where we’re at,” Brown said.

Brown was vague as to what the format of Saturday’s game would be, with the schedule being more straightened out after Thursday. Last year’s spring game had less traditional snaps and more skillset drills, competitions and more a of jovial feel. After coming off of a nontraditional year in the 2020 football season, the 2021 spring game was a chance to be more celebratory than informative for the following season.

Saturday’s Gold-Blue game takes place at 1:00pm at Milan Puskar Stadium, with tickets being $10 per ticket and available at

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