Saturday, October 22, 2016
Rasheed Marshall

Seven WVU Pros help us examine this year’s WVU football team

Rasheed Marshall

Rasheed Marshall offers his unique vantage point on the 2015 Mountaineer football team. – 2015 USA TODAY Sports Images. All Rights Reserved.

With the Mountaineers kicking off their season this week against Georgia Southern on Saturday, we asked seven players who suited up for WVU in the past what they are looking most forward to seeing play out with this year’s roster from their unique perspectives. 

Scooter Berry (DL, 2006-10) – “I’m looking forward to the defense this year and their potential. [Dale Wolfley] tweeted that this is the best defense he’s seen from WVU in years. We had a Top 3 defense in the nation in 2010, so I’m extremely curious to see the product.”

Kent Richardson (DB, 2005-09) – “I’ll be interested in seeing how our offense develops and how well our defense will hold it down as they go on a journey to win the Big 12, and what new uniform they will have, of course.”

Lance Frazier on Holgorsen: “He’s a very capable coach. It’s now time for it to show!”

Mike Dent (OL, 2005-08) – “The biggest thing for me would be to see how the offense will come together this year with a few new players on the field. I take a lot of pride seeing our school represented among the top schools in the nation!”

Lance Frazier (DB, 2000-03) – “Will the “team” finally click under Dana? With the conference switch he should now have his personnel Big 12 ready by now. Gibby’s defense could be top 3 in the conference if the offense finally clicks under Holgorsen. He’s a very capable coach. It’s now time for it to show! This is gotta be the year! Go Eers!”

Jeff Braun (OL, 2008-12) – “How does the young offensive line gel?”

Rasheed Marshall (QB, 2001-04) – “Most importantly (in my opinion) whenever you graduate a Senior starting quarterback, that will always be an area that will be closely looked at. So I’d definitely have to say QB. Skyler obviously has experience but coming into the season. However, enduring punishment every week, playing through the ups and downs and being the leader from the start is a little different dynamic. The mental toughness is always tested in times of adversity, so experiencing that for a full season versus three or four games is another hurdle he’ll have to experience as well.”

Julian Miller (DE, 2007-11) – “It’s gotta be this defense. Since we joined the Big 12, this is the most experienced and talented defense we’ve had. Ever since we brought the 3-3-5 back, there have been some adjustments here and there, but after a couple years back in the system and with the mix of vets we have on defense, I’m excited to see how this gels together. Could be a special season for our defense”

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