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Shane Lyons Speaks About Winning NACDA AD of the Year

On Wednesday afternoon, it was announced by the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA) that WVU Athletic Director Shane Lyons was named the AD of the Year.

Lyons was one of four NCAA Division I AD’s that were selected as winners.

Matt HogueCoastal Carolina University
Tom HolmoeBYU
Shane LyonsWest Virginia University
Rob MullensUniversity of Oregon

“It’s a true honor,” Lyons said. “There are a lot of fingerprints that go on this award. Being an athletic director, you take the good and the bad, and this the good. I have a lot of great people that surrounded myself with from my senior staff.”

“To be named this during this year especially. It’s always going to be an honor but I think it’s more of an honor this year for me personally,” Lyons added.

Lyons has had to face a lot of hard conflicts dealing with COVID-19, and figuring out if the fall season of sports would even happen.

“We, as a Big 12 conference, along with the ACC and SEC, were the three out there that hadn’t made a decision (when football would start). There was a lot of pressure on the Big 12 of what the future of football would look like,” Lyons said. “Dr. Gee—I give him a lot of credit—and other CEO’s of Big 12 institutions to ultimately making the decisions and putting in the protocols in place to be able to have a safer environment.”

Thank you to Shane Lyons for leading our athletic department to heights that benefit the student athletes to become their best selves on and off the court or field!

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