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Should Skyler Howard Start Bowl Game?

With the regular season now in the rear view mirror for the West Virginia University football team, most of the focus will continue to center around the starting quarterback position for the Mountaineers.

And I know, a quarterback doesn’t lose his position due to an injury.

This isn’t one of those injuries that limit your ability to play like a strained muscle or high ankle sprain.

Its a concussion.

WVU head football coach Dana Holgorsen has stood behind his senior quarterback, but this is a situation where Trickett needs to stand behind Holgorsen on the sidelines.

“We do have a starting quarterback—Clint’s done a good job the majority of the year,” Holgorsen said. “He didn’t have his best game and I know he was disappointed in that. But Clint has been our starting quarterback, has played at a high level, has done lots of great things.”

Holgorsen is right.

Trickett has done some nice things this year. At one point, Trickett was looked at as one of the most improved players in college football and the Mountaineers were one of the most improved teams of 2014.

West Virginia would upset No. 4 Baylor at home and then welcomed ESPN to town for the TCU game.

Trickett took a hit early in the game and Holgorsen would later say his quarterback was spooked.

“Clint was incredibly uncomfortable,” said Holgorsen. “Their rush was good. He was uneasy in the pocket; he got spooked. If we sat there and tried to throw the ball it wouldn’t have turned out very good.”

WVU offensive coordinator Shannon Dawson would echo those statements.

“We have to do a better job protecting, and we have to do a better job of trusting,” Dawson said. “There were times that protection was good, and we were a little antsy in getting out of there. As a quarterback you have to do a better job in trusting the protection, because there were times where we could have sat in there and had open guys, and we didn’t. Protection and comfort with go hand in hand.”

The Mountaineers defeated Oklahoma State on the road after the upset of Baylor, but would then lose three straight games to TCU, Texas and Kansas State.

Trickett was knocked out of the Kansas State due a to concussion, his third over the last 13 months.

Given that Trickett has now sustained three concussions, that we know of, the staff would be wise to guard against playing the senior.

I know it’s not cool to sit out and not play football, but this type of medical issue isn’t something to play with.

In fact, if you sustained a concussion during athletic activity, you’re advised to sit out so the brain can heal properly and rest. If you resume play too soon, you can risk having a greater concussion, which can cause more damage to the brain.

Furthermore, I’m not a doctor and have never professed to being one. But Trickett is a man who has his entire life ahead of him and will be successful no matter what he does.

Is the game of football worth it?

Although West Virginia now has 30 days to prepare for a bowl game, why not get started on 2015?

Skyler Howard will compete for the starting job and already has a game under his belt, plus time against Kansas State. The additional bowl prep can only help him and give a jump on winter and spring ball.

It will also give the coaching staff time to add new wrinkles to the offense, which is an added bonus.

In the end, we all love the game of college football, but I think we all agree that we love life even more.

If we’ve seen the last of Trickett on the playing field, we thank him for his contributions to the Mountaineer program and his work in turning things around and getting WVU to a bowl game.

Trickett looked pretty good on the sidelines against Iowa State, and that’s where he needs to be moving before.

Beside Dana Holgorsen.


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