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Source: Luck’s Replacement Already Contacted?

Numerous sources have indicated to that Rob Mullens, current Oregon AD, has been contacted about the recent vacancy left by the departing Oliver Luck and there is mutual interest. Mullens has been a popular candidate for the job since last year when Oliver Luck was a finalist for the athletic director job at the University of Texas. At that time it was indicated to BGS that Mullens would have been Luck’s replacement then if the opportunity had arisen.

Mullens was also a finalist along with Luck when Pastilong departed in 2010.

Exactly when contact was made is unknown to BGS at this time but we are told that matching Mullens current salary at Oregon would, “not be a concern” according to one source. Mullens salary was approximately $125,000 less than Luck’s this past year. Mullens is a native of WV, a graduate of WVU, and has always shown the desire to return.

The other name rumored to be in the running is Whit Babcock, current AD at Virginia Tech. However, sources have also confirmed that Babcock will not entertain any offer from WVU at this time. His family is originally from Virginia and he is settled at Virginia Tech.

Specifics as to how far along negotiations are or whether talks have escalated into serious negotiations at all are also unknown at this time.

Luck’s new position will officially start January 15, 2015, Keli Cunningham will be the interim athletics director moving forward until a replacement is named. It should be noted though that Cunningham is well respected and that she should not automatically be discarded as a potential candidate.

Jeremy Simon
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