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Sports stars rally to help others during Coronavirus Pandemic

MORGANOTWN, W.Va.–With Covid-19 so prominently affecting society, the world is a very different place than it was a month ago. 

Schools are shut down. Restaurants and other business are shut down. Sporting events have been canceled or postponed indefinitely.

People are practicing social distancing and self-quarantining. 

The economy and everyone across the world will be affected for a long time to come.

The sports world has been directly affected. Athletes and coaches have tested positive and there are no sports.

Sports have always been the backbone of society.

In fact, sports were a healing mechanism for many and united everyone during difficult times like 9/11.

But the Coronavirus pandemic has taken that away.

Among all the fear and chaos, members of the sports’ world have done things to try and help out people affected by this.

Former Duke standout and current New Orleans Pelicans’ forward Zion Williamson will help cover the salaries of those who work at the Smoothie King Center.

“My mother has always set an example for me about being respectful for others and being grateful for what we have, and so today I am pledging to cover the salaries for all of those Smoothie King Center workers for the next 30 days,” Williamson said on his Instagram account.

Cleveland Cavaliers’ center Kevin Love was one of the first athletes to decide to help out the staff members of the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse by donating $100,000.

“Be kind to one another. Be understanding of their fears, regardless if you don’t feel the same. Be safe and make informed decisions during this time. And I encourage everyone to take care of themselves and to reach out to others in need—whether that means supporting your local charities that are canceling events, or checking in on your colleagues and family,” he said on Instagram.

Since then many other athletes such as Utah Jazz’s Rudy Gobert, the first NBA player to test positive, Detroit Pistons’ Blake Griffin, Milwaukee Bucks’ Giannis Antetokounmpo have all donated to help their arenas workers.

Several owners and teams are also doing this.

Houston Texans’ JJ Watt and his wife donated $350,000 to Houston Food Banks to help those in need.

Seattle Seahawks’ quarterback and his wife Ciara are donating 1 million meals via Food Lifeline to Seattle residents because the area has been one of the hardest hit.

Minnesota Timberwolves’ star Karl-Anthony Towns donated $100,000 to the Mayo Clinic to use for testing. This later hit home for Towns when his mother was diagnosed with Covid-19 and was hospitalized and placed on a ventilator.

A number of MLB and NHL teams are paying wages to their arena and stadium workers. 

Some athletes like Simone Biles, Shaun White and Michael Phelps are donating signed items to raise money for coronavirus relief.

These are just a few of what some of the country’s athletes have done to help combat this virus and help this affected.

In times of need, good people exist and despite the negative impact of Covid-19, people are rallying together to beat this.

Photo Credit: CBS Sports

Shanna Rose
WVU Graduate with a bachelor's in journalism and multimedia journalist. Sports Fan and sports writer. Former WVU News reporter. Contact Shanna on Twitter @SMR1837
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