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Stedman Bailey shows strength of a Mountaineer in shooting interview

Mountaineer and Rams wide receiver Stedman Bailey was involved in a shooting in November. It’s been talked about, discussed, written and reported about.

The biggest thing that has not been talked about was Bailey’s own thoughts on the situation. Bailey underwent hours of surgery and rehabilitation, ultimately being released from the hospital a mere days before Christmas. Now, less than a month after his hospital release, Bailey and his cousin who was also shot in the incident are speaking out about the shooting.

In an interview with Miami’s WSVN-TV, Bailey said it was a miracle that he and his cousin survived the shooting.

Bailey commented, “I do really think about how that split second, for me and my cousin both, how our life has changed . . . It’s something we will remember for the rest of the time we will live.”

Bailey has shown since being shot in the head that he has the strength of a Mountaineer. Bailey is taking a very negative situation and looking at how it has changed him, and how he can use this to impact others. Bailey was up and walking in the hospital and excelled at his rehabbing after undergoing surgery.

Speaking out for the first time, Bailey’s strength shines through. Bailey shows the courage and strength to overcome this terrible obstacle, showing that Mountaineer spirit that overcomes mountains. Bailey and his cousin are now taking a stance on gun violence, after both being victims in a situation that could have ended much worse. Bailey and his cousin both feel that gun violence needs to end, and  it obviously goes without saying that what happened to them does not need to happen to others.

Now that Bailey has had such a personal encounter with gun violence, he is stepping up and plans to find a way to give back to his community and express the need for an end to gun violence.  At a time when Bailey could focus an interview on himself, again his Mountaineer spirit shines through, focusing on what needs to be done for his community and how lucky both he and his cousin are to have survived such a terrible situation.

Bailey now has the offseason to continue to focus on his health, strength and continuing to recover from that terrible November evening.

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