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Stills, Fields and Others Participate in WVU’s Pro Day

As the NFL Draft approaches in April, six West Virginia football players competed in WVU’s Pro Day on Thursday—which gave these student-athletes an opportunity to impress more NFL scouts.

WVU Participants:

  • Chase Behrndt (OL)
  • Michael Brown (OL)
  • Tony Fields (LB)
  • Kyle Poland (LS)
  • TJ Simmons (WR)
  • Darius Stills (DT)

Out of the 32 NFL teams, 27 were in attendance at WVU Pro Day, which included three scouts from the Pittsburgh Steelers.

“You’ve got to be elite, and I always talk to our guys about, you got to give them [NFL Scouts] a reason to say yes, because it’s a process of elimination,” WVU head coach Neal Brown said. “Scouts, college scouts working their way through the front office in the NFL, they’re looking for reasons to say no.”

Brown also commented on how Darius Stills and Tony Fields performed on Thursday.

“[For] Darius [Stills] and Tony [Fields], I think this was a big day for them and I think they rose to the occasion. That’s my opinion,” Brown said. “I thought TJ Simmons moved better than he did in the fall, which is credit to him and his preparation leading up to this event.”

All four of these players have received a lot of attention from NFL teams so far. Tony Fields has received the most attention, hearing from all 32 teams at least once. Stills, Simmons and Brown have heard from at least a handful from the league.

“So, I’ve talked to about 12 teams already,” Stills said. “They all really just like my quickness, my intensity, my motor. They like how athletic, relative to me being undersized.” 

Stills says the Cincinnati Bengals have been the team that’s interested the most in him.

WVU Pro Day 2021

Athlete Pos.Ht.Wt.Vert.40Bench (Reps)
C. BehrndtOL6’3″32424.5″5.5825
M. BrownOL6’3″34023.5″5.5524
T. FieldsLB6’0″22234″4.517
K. PolandLS6’1″23732.5″4.9312
T. SimmonsWR6’1″20832″4.5513
D. StillsDT6’0″27832.5″4.9223

(All Photos: Dale Sparks)

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