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Where does Geno Smith go from here?

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Everyone knows what has been going on with Geno Smith in the last few weeks and especially over the past year. Now, it seems that Smith has hit yet another setback in what many thought would be an long and great NFL career and unfortunately that no longer seems to

WVUPros: Is now the time for Geno Smith?

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The New York Jets are off to a 1-3 start. Ryan Fitzpatrick is currently the Jets' starting quarterback has not lived up to the standard he last season. At this point last season, the Jets were 3-1 with Fitzpatrick at quarterback. Should the team take a new approach at quarterback? By new approach, we really

Could Geno Smith head to Cleveland?

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Week One of the NFL season is now behind us, and one of the biggest stories to come out of the first week is another upsetting one for the Cleveland Browns. As all football fans know, the Browns have had trouble in the past with injuries, players with issues (looking at

Is Geno Smith on the trading block?

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For Geno Smith, life in the NFL has not been easy. It hasn't been at all like life on HBO's Ballers nor has it been a complete letdown. Life in the NFL for Smith has been full of uncertainty, especially in the last year, and that uncertainty does not seem to

WVUPros Summer Outlook: Geno Smith

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Geno Smith's current status with the Jets is examined, as well as what he needs to do to maintain the role of starting quarterback. Last August, everyone knew about the incident that Geno Smith was involved in, breaking his jaw and giving Ryan Fitzpatrick center stage as the Jets quarterback for

WVUPros and NFL free agency: part one

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The NFL free agency period is a time of relative uncertainty for many players and teams. With the Super Bowl a week away marking the official end of the 2015 football season, free agency is a time for changes and reaffirmations of contracts. Currently there are several free agents across the

Geno Smith Named NFL’s Worst QB

New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith can't stop laughing. Until today... Then he decided to laugh a little more. When the Jets reported to training camp on Wednesday, Smith seemed to be in a good mood until the topic of the worst quarterback in the league was mentioned. You can imagine the mood

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