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Tavon Austin has fifth year contract option exercised

Tavon Austin now knows he will be continuing his NFL journey with the Los Angeles Rams through the 2017 season.

Just this week, Austin saw the Rams office exercising his fifth-year contract extension option as the team prepares for the upcoming season. With the Rams drafting quarterback Jared Goff as the number one pick of this years draft, the organization needs more consistency with their offense. Over the past three years, Austin has been a consistent player for the offense, seeing more and more playing time with each season. Now, with the addition of Goff at quarterback, the team needs consistency and players who are able to perform; both of these skills are exemplified by Austin.

Austin will make $12 million under the contract extension terms, with the option to extend his contract with the Rams for a longer period of time after 2017. Austin has played in 44 games since his rookie season in 2013, as well as setting career highs last season with his 52 catches, five touchdowns and 473 receiving yards. Austin was known as a speedy force on the Mountaineers offense and is continuing that trend with the Rams. It is the hope of many Rams and Mountaineers fans, with the Rams coaching staff liking sharing that hope, that Austin and his new quarterback developed a quick relationship and provide the team with explosive plays come this fall.

Austin has proved himself to be one of the most explosive wide receivers in football, based off of both his collegiate and professional careers. Now that Austin and the Rams have a new quarterback, both fans and Austin alike look to see Goff getting more balls thrown to Austin and letting him explode on the football field. Austin has the capability to be a vital member of not only the offense, but special teams as well. Given this contract extension, look for more play time for Austin come fall and expect to see him making big plays with number one draft pick Jared Goff.

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