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Tavon Austin trends upward as Rams move west

Tavon Austin just finished his third year in the NFL, finishing a season with career highs in pass receptions and yards rushing. Austin made several big plays throughout the season for the Rams, plays reminiscent of his days wearing the old gold and blue for the Mountaineers. Now in the offseason, Austin and the Rams have relocated to Los Angeles and Austin must look forward to his fourth NFL season and the team’s new home in California.

In college, Austin was the go-to guy for the Mountaineers. Unfortunately, fans of Austin and the Rams alike have seen the wide receiver get a far less amount of passes than his time at West Virginia. Austin has continued to do whatever has been asked of him while under Rams head coach Jeff FIsher, never batting an eye at the amount, or lack thereof, passes heading his way. Austin capped off his season with 473 receiving yards on 52 pass receptions. He also added 434 yards on the ground.

This past season, with the emergence of rookie Todd Gurley, Austin further showed his strength on the field by showing his ability to block and make paths for his teammate. Not only has Austin shown to be a team player, he has become arguably one of the top punt returners in the league. Austin has a dangerous combination of speed and agility, two things that make for an explosive punt return when needed. Austin has also showed a great amount of respect for his fellow teammates over the years, with the most recent example being his backing and belief in Rams’ quarterback Case Keenum, saying how he believed if Keenum was the starter then Keenum was the right choice. Austin shows that as he gets older and more experienced in the NFL, he gains confidence and respect for his teammates.

Since Austin is coming off of one of his best seasons in the NFL, it is only reasonable to think that he would be trending upward going into year number four in the NFL. Austin has the time this off-season to continue his workouts, study film and train in order to compound on his personal success from the 2015 season.

Austin’s fourth season as a Mountaineer, his senior year, was an outstanding season for the offensive star. With three years of experience at the collegiate level, Austin exploded onto the football scene his senior year. Now, going into his fourth NFL season, Austin is poised for an explosive season. All the Rams need to do is get Austin the ball, put him in a position to succeed and allow him to explode on the field. Austin has proven to do so in his four years at West Virginia, so there is a hope that history will repeat itself and Austin will have an explosive fourth season with the Rams.

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