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TBT Best Virginia team has positive COVID-19 test, will not participate in the tournament

Late Monday morning, the “Best” Virginia team announced via Twitter that the team would unfortunately not be participating in this year’s TBT tournament in Columbus, Ohio following a positive COVID-19 test result.

The team used the Final Fourcast Podcast Twitter account to announce their news.

The team was looking forward to a return to the tournament, and was originally scheduled to play the “Marshall” team in the first round. The team posted a statement on John Flowers’s J Flow Entertainment website shortly after the Twitter announcement.

From the website:


Monday, June 22, 2020

This is not how we wanted things to end.

Since our second-game loss in The Basketball Tournament (TBT) in 2019, we’ve been excited at the idea of playing again for West Virginia. We had gathered a team of incredible Mountaineer alums that each shared the dream of bringing a trophy home.

We also were excited the TBT was coming to Charleston. To have this tournament at home, to reward our fans for turning up in our first TBT games, was a dream come true for so many of us.

Like everything, our plans were changed by COVID-19 – in more ways than one.

We learned late Thursday that one of our own had tested positive for COVID-19, a test taken out of precaution, though no symptoms were visible. Out of an abundance of caution, all parties at our recent practices were notified, as well as the appropriate local health agencies, and our players and staff were tested.

Because of the heightened nature of safety and security in TBT this year due to the virus, we will not be participating. This is not the news West Virginians want to hear. It was a tough decision to come to. But this is the reality of where we are now, and safety is everything.

We hope all teams that are able to participate in TBT this year see this as an opportunity to tighten their own safety practices and keep everyone safe to ensure a fun, safe tournament for themselves and their fans.

We are not just sad for our own chances to play, but what this team meant to so many in West Virginia. It is the love for the Mountaineers that prompted us to form this team, and keeps us going to play and practice harder and harder.

We will continue working with TBT to continue Best Virginia’s presence in future tournaments, as well as the hopes they consider bringing the tournament to West Virginia next year.

We love you, West Virginia. We’re sorry we can’t play for you this year.

— Best Virginia.”

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