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Teyvon Myers a spark from the bench

Teyvon Myers (0) cheering on his teammates against Eastern Kentucky (Photo Credit: Shanna Rose, BGS)
Teyvon Myers (0) cheering on his teammates against Eastern Kentucky
(Photo Credit: Shanna Rose, BGS)

MORGANTOWN, W.Va.– Teyvon Myers is used to being a star, but his role at West Virginia University has been different.

That doesn’t seem to bother the fiery guard. Instead of complaining about playing time, he embraces the role he plays.

“I am fine with it,” Myers said. “Actually I am fine with it. I am cool with clapping it up. When my teammate hit a three, you can ask my coaches I tell them all the time, I feel like I just hit a three. Esa caught a big dunk at halftime, I feel like I dunked that. I don’t know why. It’s just a feeling. I am just happy at all times for my teammates. And when I am happy for my teammates, it’s the same thing for me and vice versa.”

Myers was delayed on joining his teammates at the beginning of the season due to eligibility issues. The time he missed was evident in his game, but the 6-foot-2, 170-pound guard is finally getting the hang of it, especially with WVU’s pressure defense.

“Honestly, since I got here I’ve just been focusing on trying to get the defense part right,” Myers said.

With each day that passes, everything makes more sense to him.

“It got a lot easier actually,” Myers said. “I am getting so much better at it. People are not flying past me how they used to. In practice, I am not getting killed how I used to.”

While Myers is still adjusting, he is finding other ways to contribute to his team. Every game if he is on the bench, the Brooklyn, NY native is sure to be cheering on his teammates.

While he is adjusting to life as a Mountaineer, Myers enthusiasm comes natural to him.

“I feel like if the bench is dead, it’s going to carry over on the court,” he said. “Even though we are not on the court, if the bench is loud at all ties, I feel like everyone is going to get right in and be hyped right with us. That’s why I always try to get as much people standing as possible because one person can stand, but when you see five people standing that’s happy for you, you want to do it again.”

Even though Myers was a star at the JUCO level, he was always cheering on his teammates.

Teyvon Myers (0)  (Photo Credit:Shanna Rose, BGS)
Teyvon Myers (0)
(Photo Credit:Shanna Rose, BGS)

“Yeah I did at all time,” he said. “My coach use to have to say ‘Teyvon sit down, Teyvon sit down.’ I’d be like coach, and then I’d have to do the little trick where I would go get a cup of water, stand there and just be up. Try and fake it like I’m drinking some water because I really wanted to stand.”

“I feel like I am getting closer, but there is still a lot of work to do. I feel like I can get better every day in this program and in this system. Everything is going to come. But I am getting better every day.”

Myers believes his team spirit not only helps his teammates on the court, but it is infectious to the other guys on the bench.

“Especially Moscow. We have a Russian freshman,” Myers said. “He’s about 7-feet, Logan (Routt). He’s like ‘Teyvon, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. I am like that’s what I like to see Mossy. And sometimes when I am sitting down I just want a little break because I get a headache after every game because I am yelling for 40 minutes whether I am on the court or not. So sometimes I try and take a break. People walk up to me like Teyvon what’s wrong? We need you over there, go get them riled up.”

Myers has a little competition on the bench from the Monmouth basketball team, who has been celebrating their successful season in style. The junior hasn’t figures out how to be quite as unique as them just yet.

“I don’t know what I can do,” he said. “I try and get the guys up, but the guys aren’t the type where I can just jump on them and bring me back to life. I can’t do that. I got to get creative. I’ll figure something out.”

Whether Myers figures out how to his teammates fired up quite like Monmouth does or not, one thing is for sure, he adds an extra spark to the Mountaineers from the bench.


Shanna Rose
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