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The Hoops and Hurdles of Making Up Games During Conference Play

As the West Virginia men’s basketball team rolls into this week, they’re without a game until Saturday when the team travels to Austin, Texas, to take on the ranked Texas Longhorns.

Originally, the Mountaineers (14-6, 7-4 Big 12) were supposed to play three games this week. The No. 2 Baylor Bears were supposed to walk into the WVU Coliseum tonight and then both teams would play in Waco, Texas, on Thursday night. Now, the Mountaineers are stuck without any opponents for the week and still need to make up four conference games.

  • Baylor (home)
  • Baylor (away)
  • Oklahoma State (home)
  • TCU (home)

With only 13 days left in the regular season, the Mountaineers have three games on the schedule to play (Texas, TCU, Kansas State), while also having those four games to make up. There is a solution that will probably work once everyone is done with their current scheduled games.

“I don’t think they’re scrapping any. I think the plan is that everybody plays their games. That’s why they (Big 12) left that week between the end of the season and the conference tournament,” WVU coach Bob Huggins said.

The Big 12 regular season is set to end on Feb. 27 with the conference tournament starting on Mar. 10, in Kansas City, Missouri.

Coach Huggins has stated that rescheduling games are out of their hands, and it’s up to the conference to decide when and where the games will be made up.

This week would’ve been perfect to make up a game but none of the teams above have any spots open.

  • Oklahoma State plays on Tuesday and Saturday
  • TCU plays on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
  • Baylor is on another COVID pause

“I don’t have any idea,” Huggins said on Saturday. “You guys probably have heard the same rumors that I heard but that’s what they are right now is rumors because at least I haven’t been told.”

“I know we play Texas on Saturday,” Huggins added.

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