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The WVU Seeker – New Technology Introduced for On-Field Player Development

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (July 13, 2021) – The West Virginia University football program, in its dedicated commitment to enhancing and developing the total student-athlete, continues to be proactive in finding cutting-edge technology and initiatives that give each player opportunities to improve their skill level and leadership ability, on and off the field. 

In the short time he has been at WVU, Mountaineer coach Neal Brown has introduced areas such as the 5th Quarter Program, which has used partnerships with #INFLCR, Athlete Network and the services of brand marketing expert, consultant and author Jeremy Darlow, just to name a few areas, to develop the student-athlete and maximize brand opportunities off the field. Brown most recently announced PEAK (Promote Empowerment, Accelerate Knowledge) as the program’s Name/Image/Likeness initiative.

This summer, new on-the-field technology is being introduced: the WVU Seeker, a cutting-edge innovation to assist in the development of the receiving corps and the return units.

The Seeker, developed and produced by Monarc, is the world’s first robotic quarterback that affords unlimited practice opportunities and gives the ability to calibrate itself to pass, punt or kickoff to any part of the field. This will allow dramatic in-season practice efficiency gains for offense, defense as well as special teams.

“It’s just another example of the commitment from our administration to the West Virginia Football program for us to continue the climb with new and up-to-date technology,” Gerad Parker, WVU’s offensive coordinator and receivers coach said. “We’re so excited about the robotic quarterback and The Seeker, as it is going to allow our skill players to get better year-round and do so at the highest level.”

The players can use this device to train alone with the pulse tracking system; practice routes and drills with game-like passes and randomization are built-in. 

“We talk all the time about the importance of being where you’re supposed to be and being on time,” Parker added. “The Seeker allows our guys to continue to understand the importance of being at the right spot, because The Seeker puts it at the right spot and does so on time.”

A pulse-tracking tag can be put on and multiple routes and drills can be practiced independently with The Seeker tracking the receiver in real-time and delivering the passes, punts and kicks for quality repetitions. This device eliminates wasted repetitions and guesswork by making sure the ball is delivered on target the first time and every time.

“Across our entire football program, we constantly talk about improving your best,” Coleman Barnes, WVU’s associate director of athletics for football external affairs said. “The Seeker is a cutting-edge technology that will help our student-athletes improve their best any time they want.”

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