Tuesday, October 25, 2016
Bill Stewart, Leave No Doubt

Transcript of Bill Stewart’s “Leave No Doubt” speech

A few years ago after the untimely passing of former WVU coach, Bill Stewart, I transcribed his famous “Leave No Doubt” speech delivered before the 2008 Fiesta Bowl where they overcame the sudden departure of Rich Rodriguez to take down the Oklahoma Sooners 48-28.

I thought I would re-post that speech here as we are set to begin the Mountaineers’ 2015 season. Let’s go!

Bill Stewart, Leave No Doubt

“We got a great opportunity. We got a dandy out there waiting for us.

“Offense: Play fast. Defense: Swarm. Swarm and tackle. Punch that ball any chance you get and keep bustin’ em.

“Special teams: Lay it on the line and attack your responsibility.

“We can out block them. We can out tackle them. We can out hit em and hustle.

“It’s real simple: You out block them. You out tackle them. You out hit em. You out hustle em.

“And you stay within the legal limits of the game.”

“It’s Mountaineer Pride! Nothing cheap! From the heart! Strain them!

“Damn, I’m proud to be a Mou… I picked you a good one didn’t I? Huh?

“We gotta do it.

“We are going to out strain and out hit these guys.

“Let em know. Leave no doubt tonight! Leave NO DOUBT Tonight! No doubt!

“They shouldn’t have played the old Gold N’ Blue. NOT THIS NIGHT!  NOT THIS NIGHT!

“Don’t leave your wingman. Never, ever, ever bail out on your brother.

“You help. You strain, and you just fight.

“Start fast! Stay on top of em!

“It’s a game lads. Let’s go have fun and go get us a big victory!

“Go Eers!”



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