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Turnovers, Quarterback Play, and Defense: What Neal Brown had to say after Maryland

On Saturday, the West Virginia football team opened its 2021 season with a loss to Maryland 30-24. After the loss head coach Neal Brown had a lot to say about his quarterback, his defense, and his overall thoughts on the game.

West Virginia turned the ball over four times against Maryland and Brown said that was the deciding factor in the loss.

“The biggest stat that tells whether you win or lose is turnovers and they had four that led directly to ten points, and we had zero,” Brown said.

Quarterback Jarret Doege finished with 280 yards, one touchdown, and two interceptions, including a costly one late, where Doege threw the ball towards double coverage in the back of the end zone, and was intercepted.

“The first interception was a really bad decision. You got to the ball away, you can’t make a bad play worse.” Brown said of Doege. “Second one, I don’t really know, it was kind of a freak play.”

On Doege’s performance, Brown added “I felt like we should’ve done a better job stepping up into the pocket, but they did get pressure and I think the pressure did affect him.”

Brown said the defense started out poorly, and failed to go towards the ball.

Brown said, “They tackled considerably better than we did. We really struggled in the first quarter and took poor angles in pursuit.”

Brown’s message to the team was a simple one.

Brown said, “I think that you’re going to have adversity at some point,” Neal Brown said. “What I told the guys in the locker room is ‘hey we have adversity, how do we respond?’.”

Photo by Dale Sparks, WVU

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