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WVU and Baylor Quickly Becoming Big 12’s Last Hope

Despite having a bye in week 3 the Mountaineers have seen their stock rise in the Big 12 power rankings. Currently ranked No. 2 by ESPN the Mountaineers are only one of two remaining Big 12 teams without a loss.

Baylor (3-0) has played their typical squishy-soft non-conference schedule while WVU has taken a much tougher road to 2-0.

With Oklahoma all but out of Playoff consideration and Texas taking a big blow with their loss to Cal; the Big 12 is looking for someone to step up. Can the Mountaineers fill that role?

The biggest hurdle the Mountaineers currently face is respect. Not receiving any votes on the AP Top 25 doesn’t help either the Mountaineers or the Big 12’s cause. A win over BYU who has played UCLA and a ranked Utah tough should garner votes.

The next hurdle the Mountaineers face is a back-loaded schedule. Games against Texas, Oklahoma, and Baylor are all later in the season. Recovering from a loss is easier early in the season. The lack of a marquee match-up, at least on a national scale, until late October also hinders the Mountaineers. In order for the Mountaineers to be considered relevant they must beat Kansas State (a tall task every year), Texas Tech. and TCU, setting up that late October showdown in Stillwater against Oklahoma State.

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