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West Virginia squashes TCU: An In-Depth Look

Rundown: West Virginia University hosts Texas Christian University. West Virginia is undefeated at home, but only defeated on the road. An interesting matchup with two teams that should be evenly matched going into Saturday’s game. However, we see these two similarly-ranked teams fight it out in Morgantown with one team the stronger force.

Quick Look: WVU defended their home field Saturday in Morgantown.

Holding the lead throughout the entirety of the game, from first downs, to time of possession to even yardage; West Virginia was on top. In a desperate attempt to regain control of the runaway train, TCU tried every trick in the book. Sadly for the Horned Frogs, they just weren’t good enough against the Mountaineers.

The Mountaineers saw big plays from Sam James, Leddie Brown and Winston Wright, Jr. on Saturyda.

A noticeable fumble in the fourth quarter by TCU sealed their fate and any hope of a comeback. Despite the score, TCU continued to make every effort to try and gain control of the game. From a 52-yard pass to Emari Demarcado, to an attempt touchdown that was ultimately intercepted by Tykee Smith.

WVU ended the victory with 392 yards, out-gaining TCU who ended with 295 yards.

WVU – 24 and TCU – 6

In-depth Recap:

Quarter 1: The Horned Frogs’s offense made some big early gains at the beginning of the first quarter, with West Virginia’s defense managing to hold them to within field goal range. Much of this can be chalked up to the overeagerness of TCU in a season where the Horned Frogs are uncharacteristically underperforming.

WVU started the first quarter off strong with an explosive offense amounting to 103 yards, gaining 5 first downs in the process. Total time of possession for the drive for WVU was 7 minutes and 33 seconds (3:00). The drive ends with a touchdown, WVU-7 TCU- 0. From this point early on, TCU struggled with their remaining time in Morgantown.

Quarter 2: TCU starts off this quarter in the red zone, putting a fire underneath the Mountaineers’s defense. However, WVU stops them for a field goal, gaining another 44 yards. less than a minute of possession for TCU (0:59) on their opening drive of the second quarter.

WVU completes their longest play of the game; Leddie Brown, runs for a total of 30 yards followed by another huge play of 26 yards by the WVU offense to TJ Simmons for another touchdown.

Halftime: At the half, WVU had a total of (16:44) worth of possession time whereas TCU comes just short at (13:16).Total yards for WVU comes out to be 227 for the first half, whereas TCU is struggling with a total of 123 yards.

Quarter 3: The WVU offense has started all of their drives with fire, almost all of them ending with a touchdown. Their opening drive of the third quarter ends with a 42-yard field goal, with a total elapsed time of 7 minutes and 3 seconds.

TCU’s opening drive of the first half is filled with huge gains from scrambles giving Duggan 16 yards. TCU makes it to the end zone in no time flat with 3 consecutive first downs. Not shockingly, the WVU defense stepped up to TCU resort to yet another field goal, this one 32 yards. With ten seconds left on the clock, WVU forces a 4th and 6 situation onto the TCU offense. WVU called for a fair catch at the 20-yard line, ending the third quarter.

Quarter 4: WVU’s first drive of the fourth quarter got shut down, which gave TCU another chance at the ball, and yet TCU’s special teams unit fumbled the ball for a WVU recovery with (12:48) on the clock.

On the second play of the recovery, Jarret Doege threw a touchdown pass to Sam James which consisted of a total of 38 yards. TCU was unable to make any big plays on their drive after the fumble recovery. 

Max Duggan completed a 52-yard pass to Emari Demarcado with less than five minutes on the clock. The ball was intercepted in the red zone by Smith again, ultimately bringing an end to TCU’s most monster drive of the day.

Press Conference: In the post game, Coach Neal Brown started by expressing his excitement for his team saying”When you go out and you play this game, we’re extremely blessed…” expressing pure gratitude for this huge victory for WVU against a strong opponent.

Brown also mentioned that he believed the offense was at its best, “Offensive line was much improved.”

Overall, the offense for WVU has fought a hard battle and fought it well, “Really a solid win overall,” Brown mentioned regarding the win against TCU.

West Virginia is now now 5-3 and 6th in the Big 12. The Mountaineers have their final bye week of the season coming up before playing host to the Oklahoma Sooners on Senior Day in West Virginia’s last home game of the season on Saturday, November 28.

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