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West Virginia Unveils New Football Locker Room

Morgantown, W.VA. – At a time when the world needs normalcy and things to look forward to, Neal Brown’s crew got just that Tuesday after day two of camp. The West Virginia football team got to see the unveiling of their new locker room and it did not disappoint.

Players past and present took to social media to talk about the upgrade and now nice the new locker rooms are. Mountaineer alum Quinton Spain tweeted Brown asking about his locker room, with a friendly “lol” in the tweet. The head coach promptly replied announcing a special NFL player locker room, although that has not been seen on social media or confirmed.

The locker rooms combined with the Big 12 moving forward with football are just two bright spots on the horizon.

Now it’s just time to put those locker rooms to use this fall!

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