Monday, June 26, 2017

West Virginia will topple Bucknell with ease

Anniversaries are usually a time for celebration, parties and reminiscing on fond memories. However, it’s been one year since I have written an article for Blue Gold Sports. An article that made its way around the world wide web and one that I was highly criticized for. Some of you may recall the article where I proclaimed WVU would not lose to Stephen F. Austin.

It’s that time of the year again, and WVU will be playing yet another underdog looking to make a Cinderella run. This time around there isn’t a bearded lumberjack that will walk all over the Mountaineers. Bucknell doesn’t run a similar system that will match up well with WVU. Bucknell doesn’t have depth and they certainly don’t have the talent.

A lot of fans point to the fact that Bucknell is 26-8 overall, or the fact they have won 14 of their last 16 games. Some point out that they were able to win their conference with ease. Other refer to the Bison knocking off Kansas 11 years ago, yes 11 years. None of these matter.

Bucknell did win the Patriot League, and to that I say congrats on beating wildly mediocre teams. You are the best of the worst. I bet those wins over Holy Cross and American were something special. And those losses to Loyola (MD) and Lehigh had to be devastating. I know you can’t help who you play, in fact you beat an SEC team that made the NCAA Tournament. Your three-point victory over Vanderbilt is something a team like yours should hang their hat on.

Let’s not get it twisted folks, Bucknell hasn’t faced a team like West Virginia all year long. The size, the depth, the speed and the pressure will prove too much for a team like Bucknell to overcome. A team that is only in the NCAA Tournament because they won their awful conference.

Bucknell is 199th in the country in turnovers per game at just above 13. This tells us they are in the bottom half of the country at taking care of the ball. You expect that type of team to compete with WVU and the way the Mountaineers are able to turn you over? Not a chance folks. Another mind-boggling stat, Bucknell ranks 234th in the country in rebounding. This is a match-up dream for West Virginia, they get to play a team who is below average in turning the ball over and one who is among the worst in rebounding.

Rejoice Mountaineer fans, WVU will be dancing to the round of 32 with ease. Nathan Adrian and company can’t look forward to presumably Notre Dame, but you can. Sleep in peace knowing your West Virginia squad is prime for a NCAA Tournament run and that history won’t repeat itself.



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