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Where does Geno Smith go from here?

Everyone knows what has been going on with Geno Smith in the last few weeks and especially over the past year. Now, it seems that Smith has hit yet another setback in what many thought would be an long and great NFL career and unfortunately that no longer seems to be the case. Last week, after Smith’s first start of the season, Smith was officially placed on the injured reserved list after suffering a torn ACL. Smith’s season is now over and many are asking where does he go from here.

Smith has been with the Jets organization since his rookie year and has never fully been given the chance to shine. Yes, he has plenty of failed attempts and moments where he made mistakes. At the same time, Smith was thrown into an organization with plenty of problems and no real way to mold him into an NFL quarterback. Smith has been given the short end of the stick since day one.

And now, it looks like he will never be given the chance in New York. Smith’s torn ACL could not have come at the worst possible time and now it seems like his career is in an ultimate state of limbo. With virtually no future left with the Jets organization, Smith must look to his future and make a plan B for his career after he has recovered and rehabbed from his ACL injury.

Smith had no time to learn the pro-style offense the Jets had in place when he was drafted, but instead was put into instant competition with Mark Sanchez. From the beginning, he was set up to fail. Now, facing his second injury in two years, Smith must bounce back and prove that he still is capable of salvaging his NFL career.

The only place Smith can go from here, really, is up. Taking the time to recover and heal from the ACL injury, Smith will likely start to explore the idea of playing quarterback for an organization other than the Jets. Not to say Smith is in a position to become a starting quarterback in the near future, but should he move to a new team and spend a season or so learning the team’s schemes and playing backup, Smith could finally have that chance to have a semblance of the NFL career he hoped for four years ago.

If Smith can stay healthy and in football shape after his ACL injury, it is likely that another organization would take him on as a backup quarterback, giving him the second chance that he deserves. Smith has shown that he can come back from facing an injury, just look at how he worked to come back this season after the broken jaw dilemma.

Now, however, Smith needs to find a way to come back from an injury that has a direct correlation to time spent on the field. An ACL injury will take time to come back from and Smith will need to come back with a vengeance. Not for those who have done him wrong, but in a way to take complete control of his career, start over and show that the only place he has to go from here is up.

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