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Will Grier provides Black Student-Athlete Scholarships in West Charlotte

West Charlotte, N.C. – Carolina Panthers quarterback Will Grier is a Mountaineer that makes most people smile when they hear his name. Going into his second NFL season with his hometown favorites the “girl dad” husband and father of two has found another way to make people smile.

Grier has announced that he will be providing scholarships for Black student-athletes at local West Charlotte High School going forward. Grier has partnered with his marketing team at ESM Football creating the “Be the Change” scholarship; the goal being to raise $5,000.00. Recipients will need a 3.0 GPA and a college acceptance letter, with the goal to aid college-bound Black student-athletes in the community.

“Be the Change” GoFundMe.

It is well-known that Grier was raised in Davidson, North Carolina and played high school ball at Davidson Day. His father, Chad Grier, is a known high school football coach, previously coaching at Oceanside Collegiate in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. The older Grier has returned home to North Carolina to take the lead at Will’s high school team, bringing that Grier magic back to North Carolina Friday night lights.

Grier’s comments on his new scholarship venture showed the genuineness of the player’s desire to give back: “I’m excited and happy to be able to do this,” the Charlotte native said. “It’s a small step, but it is something. I’m blessed and excited to be able to, hopefully, provide a deserving student-athlete something that will change his life. That’s the goal.”

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