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With Big 12 Schedule Announced, Uncertainty Still Remains

Morgantown, W.VA. – Monday night the Big 12 finally showed up to the 2020 scheduling conference party. The conference finally announced it was adopting a 9+1 schedule for the season: nine conference games and one non-conference.

West Virginia has already lost two of its three non-conference matchups this season: season opener on September 5 against Florida State and September 19 against Maryland. The lone non-conference matchup left is the September 12 home game versus Eastern Kentucky University.

The conference announced that the conference games would start in mid-to late September, allowing for non-conference games to be played prior to that. Last week, the NCAA announced that teams have the option to push games up a week to ‘Week Zero’ and start their non-conference games on August 29. Prior to Monday’s conference announcement, both Kansas and Oklahoma announced that they would be moving their season-openers to August 29.

The question that remains now is whether or not West Virginia will stick with their scheduled September 12 home opener against Eastern Kentucky or if the Mountaineers will try to quickly move things around and move up their schedule or potentially rearrange their non-conference schedule.

One of the many rumor mill statements on the internet would be a potential non-conference game versus home-state rivals Marshall. While there is no guarantee that adding/cancelling/rearranging the non-conference game would even be an options, fans on both sides of the argument have strong opinions.

Tell us: should the Mountaineers stick with Eastern Kentucky or do they pull a last minute swap and try to pick up a Marshall game?

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