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WV native and senior Campbell back to 100 percent

MORGANTOWN,W.Va. — Despite a set back at the beginning of the season, West Virginia native Shea Campbell is ready for the Texas matchup tomorrow and feeling 100 percent.

During camp, Campbell said he got a concussion and missed 10-days.

“So for me I was set back a lot,” he said. “Right now I would say I am probably at 100 percent. I feel great right now. The first week I don’t think I was really playing — I had four days of practice before the first game. Mentally I knew what I was doing but physically I was trying to get some of the rust off. Right now I feel great.”

WV native Shae Campbell, 34, carries out the West Virginia flag prior to the N.C. State game at Milan Puskar Stadium. (BGS photo by Kelsie LeRose)

The 6-foot, 232 pound redshirt senior said return time is different for everyone, especially depending on the injury.

“For me, there was a lot of like nervousness and I was kind of on edge about stuff,” Campbell said. “But I think there is always going to be a period time to get back from an injury.”

This season, Campbell has played in the Missouri, N.C. State and Kansas games. In those games, he has totaled five solo tackles, three assisted tackles and one and a half tackles for loss.

“I got to play a little bit in the Missouri game and knock the rust off. Since then I’ve felt ready to go,” he said. He added he feels physically faster and has trimmed down in the offseason.

Shanna Rose
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