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WVU and Texas Tie, Longhorns Advance In Penalty Shots

Round Rock, Texas – The West Virginia women’s soccer team did not advance to the Big 12 Championship game after falling to Texas in penalty shots. West Virginia and Texas tied 0-0, but UT will advance following a 4-3 advantage in penalty shots.

WVU went into the second game of the conference with a great game against Baylor under their belt but they were unable to get a goal in the first and second halves.

The Mountaineers started the game off strong taking an advantage over the Longhorns in shots and corner kick.

Freshman forward Dilary Heredia-Beltran and Junior midfielder Julia Lych, both had decent shots on goal during the first half of the game to get a good start for the Mountaineer. Unfortuntly both shots were saved by Longhorn goalkeeper Savannah Madden.

WVU was also able to get a corner kick early corner kick in the first half during the seventh minute.

During the second half Heredia-Beltran was able to get three decent looks on goal but was blocked. Senior midfielder Isabella Sibley and Junior forward Julianne Vallerand both were able to get a quick shot one shortly after the other but both were off target. Junior midfielder Aaliyah Scott was able to make a break on goal with an opening at the bottom right of the Longhorns goal, but was quickly saved. Sophomore midfielder Lilly McCarthy and Junior midfielder Gabrielle Robinson were able to get a foot on the ball late second half but was also blocked by Madden.

The Mountaineers were shooting a total of five corner kicks all through the the second half of the game.

The game then went into double overtime after niether teams were able to get that perfect shot on goal and resulted in a pentaly kick off.

This is the first time this season that WVU has went into a penalty kick off.

WVU and the Longhorns were both given five attempts on goal, unforantuly Texas exceled past WVU. These attempts were given to five different players on both teams.

Players such as Jordan Brewster, Robinson, Lynch, Maddie Murphy, and Heredia-Beltran, were given the opportunity to participate in the PK shootout.

The end total 4-3 in shots made. The Longhorns are continuing their way through the Big 12 Confernece.

Photo by Dale Sparks, All Pro Photography

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