Saturday, October 22, 2016

WVU Pros featured in NFL Week 10’s primetime matchups

While some WVUPros have already made headlines this week without even playing a snap, there is still plenty of football left to be played this weekend, with as many as six WVUPros playing in the NFL’s primetime games this week.

With so many WVUPros having primetime games, we will preview what lies ahead for these players and who to watch for on Sunday and Monday night.

Seattle vs. Arizona (8:30 pm ET NBC)

Bruce Irvin and the Seattle Seahawks take on the Arizona Cardinals in an NFC West battle with huge playoff implications.

In a game that expects to be a physical, defensive battle, the Seahawks defense will be faced with the tough task of slowing down the Arizona Cardinals offense.

The Cardinals like to air the ball out, so this will be a game that favors Irvin’s speed rush and pass coverage. Irvin will look to play a key role in slowing down this dynamic attack, and he will be doing it on a national stage.

Lineman Mark Glowinski could also suit up for Seattle, as he has been active for a few games this season.

For Arizona, Shaq Riddick will hope to be active for the first time this season. He injured his hamstring during the offseason halting his progression, but has been coming on strongly throughout the season in practice and it is a matter of time before he makes the active roster.

Houston vs. Cincinnati (8:30 pm EST ESPN Monday)

Three WVUPros could suit up for the unbeaten Bengals on Monday night.

Adam Jones and Will Clarke will look to stop the Houston offense, with Jones having the difficult task of slowing down Deandre Hopkins.

Jones is having one of the best seasons of his career defensively and is second on the team in tackles with 42. He has helped the Bengals defense perform as one of the better units against the pass, and he will look to help stop one of the league’s leading receivers in Deandre Hopkins.

Clarke will see action in the rotation on the defensive line and Mario Alford will be a game-time decisions on being active or inactive.



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