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WVU Vs. Oklahoma State: In-Depth Analysis

Photo Cred: Pat Kinnison

For the first time this year the West Virginia Mountaineers were on the road, facing up against one of their fellow Big 12 rivals Oklahoma State University. Yards gained by WVU amounted to a grand total of 353, whereas Oklahoma St. gained a total of 342 YDS.

WVU gained 285 of the 353 YDS by passing. A somewhat opposite situation was created with Oklahoma St. as most of their YDS were gained through rushing. Another topic of value to discuss would be the total time of possession for both teams. WVU racked up a total of 32:51 minutes of possession, whereas Oklahoma St. got just below at 27:09 minutes.

Trouble was on the horizon early as within the first two quarters WVU fumbled the ball on two occasions. Later Oklahoma St. quarterback Shane Illingworth threw a interception for a loss of 23 YDS. Special Teams were also riddled with problems from botched field goals, to massive returns. Both sides experienced issues with special teams, WVU having the most trouble. Both teams racked up some pretty serious penalty YDS as well. WVU had the most penalties at 12, giving a total loss of 106 YDS. Whereas Oklahoma St. gave up seven penalties for a total loss of 65 YDS.

Overall it was a battle between titans as the NCAA football season performs at full throttle during the coronavirus pandemic. Next up for WVU is a home game against another Big 12 rival, the Baylor Bears. Oklahoma St. finds themselves going up against the Kansas Jayhawks.

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