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WVU Vs Texas Tech: Recap

WVU Quarterback Jarret Doege ready to connect downfield


Saturday night’s game in Texas was a battle between titans. Texas Tech determined to fight for their spot within the conference, WVU determined to go 4-1, and Texas Tech clawing their way in for a spot. The ending score for the game was 34-27, with Texas Tech winning it all. Here is a recap of the game broken down by quarters.

Quarter 1 Recap:

The first quarter of this sibling rivalry ends with a rocky start for both teams. Some notable plays by both teams consist of massive yardage. For Texas Tech one of the big plays of the quarter was when QB Henry Colombi was under pressure and threw for a completion of 44 YDS to Freshman Myles Price (13:37 – 1st). WVU counters with Doege completing a  big 32 YD pass to Sam James (9:29 – 1st). On top of that they also complete a 34 YD connection with their TE Mike O’Laughlin (9:29 – 1st). Another massive play for Texas Tech was the best in terms of YDS gained with SaRodorick Thompson breaking free for a 48 YD rushing touchdown (1:35 – 1st). At the end of the first quarter Texas Tech ended with 137 YDS, WVU 124 YDS.

Quarter 2 Recap:

The second quarter leaned in favor with Texas Tech shutting down West Virginia’s offense and passing by their defense. However near the end of the 2nd quarter we see the WVU offense pick up the pace and bring the score up from seven to 13 to combat the 20 points that Texas Tech put up during the first half. Some notable plays during the second quarter was a connection made by Leddie Brown for a total gain of 24 YDS (10:15 – 2nd). However, a holding call was placed against John Hughes negating 10 YDS off the play. Texas Tech reciever Erik Ezukanma makes a gain of 14 for their biggest play in YDS gained for the second quarter for Texas Tech (9:00 – 2nd) . Sophomore Trey Cleveland got a touchdown with a pass from Colombi and a gain of 11 and a touchdown (2:36 – 2nd). WVU ended the second quarter with 89 YDS. Whereas Texas Tech ended with 112 YDS.


At halftime the score comes down to being 13-20. WVU’s defense which was proclaimed as being the best in the nation at the time is suffering heavy losses with the disqualification of vetern linebacker Tony Fields II, on the basis of targeting. We also see penalties racked up against the mountaineers, the biggest being an unsportsmanlike conduct called on the vetern linebacker Fields II for coming on the field to celebrate a reversed fumble with his team (9:00 – 2nd) . The total yards lossed were 15 from the call. Texas Tech takes not only the lead but the field as well as they seem to be declaring their presence to this struggling mountaineer defense and offense. Texas Tech for the first half holding control over the ball and as such having majority possession over their mountaineer counterparts. Texas tech also ended the first half with majority yardage with a whopping 249 YDS earned. WVU ended the half falling not too far behind with a total of 213 YDS.

Quarter 3 Recap:

The quarter begins with possession being presented to Texas Tech (15:00 – 3rd) . However that possession is short lived as Jeffery Pooler Jr. forces a fumble on Wide Receiver Ja’Lynn Polk, which is recovered by Darius Stills (15:00 – 3rd). Doege connects his first pass of the quarter and gains  20 YDS, completed by Winston Wright Jr. (14:48 – 3rd).  In which Doege completes his 2 YDS touchdown to T.J. Banks (13:41 – 3rd). Erik Ezukanma comes alive again with a 20 YD reception (13:41 – 3rd). Texas Tech Freshman Tahj Brooks runs 5 YDS for a touchdown (10:05 – 3rd). Jarret Doege completes a 38 YD pass to Winston Wright Jr., tying the game (10:05 – 3rd). 

Quarter 4 Recap:

The quarter starts with both teams tied for a total score of 27 on both teams. First off Doege passes to Sam James for a loss of 2 YDS. The ball was then fumbled and recovered for a touchdown by Texas Tech (8:44 – 4th) Texas Tech doesn’t gain any touchdowns after the recovered fumble. However they put up fantastic defense and a great offense for a show of a ball game. This marks Texas Tech’s first win in the Big 12 Conference. Both teams ended with 1 turnover. WVU ended with 393 YDS, whereas Texas Tech ended with 348 YDS. WVU ended the ball game with a total of 29:25 minutes with possession of the ball. Where Texas Tech ended with 29:53 in total possession time. WVU also ended with a total of 69 YDS given for seven penalties. Whereas Texas Tech gave 19 YDS for three penalties. 

Press Conference:

“It was going to be a tough game to win.” as stated by head coach Neal Brown. Brown also stated during the press conference about the ferocity of the Texas Tech QB and gave him props. “We didn’t run the ball good enough.” Neal was also heard saying this about his offense. He also mentioned how the offense didn’t cut enough. Neal was also showing discontent with his players on not winning these types of games. He also showed a lot of anger with not being able to truly discern with the targeting called on veteren linebacker Tony Fields II. “They beat us in the run game.. We let them run for 179 YDS… 50% on third down.” Stated Brown. once again bringing back on how the defense let up in the run game. “We looked like a tired football game.” Brown also retorted on the subject of his defense. Brown however felt confident going into the game. “I dont know I’ll let you know tuesday.” Brown mentioned after discussing with reporters.

“Really realize and kinda locked in after kickoff, coming home to play in front of family and friends.” Jarret Doege stated to reporters in the press conference. Showing that Doege was excited to return home and prove the school that rejected him before wrong. While Doege certainly proved this there were too many errors all over for the team to be consistent. 

Texas Tech line ready to make a play

Photos Courtesy of Russell Luna

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