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WVUPros: Could Tavon Austin make or break your fantasy team?

Fantasy football has long been an extra special way for football fans to watch and get “involved” with NFL games. Granted, there tends to be a good amount of fantasy football leagues where money is at stake, but it gives people a whole other reason to watch NFL games.

West Virginia’s own Tavon Austin could very well be one of the players you look to draft or have already drafted for your team this season. There is the argument that Austin could be a sleeper player on your team. With a new four-year, $42 million contract, Austin is likely to see a greater increase in play time and an increase in productivity. Last season Austin had his best season as a pro with nine touchdowns and 907 yards from scrimmage.

Rams Coach Jeff Fisher stated earlier in the summer he would like to get Austin to catch 100 passes this season. If that happens, and Austin is on your fantasy team, just imagine the fantasy points.

Austin has long been known for his agility and speed, especially when talking about his size. Austin is relatively small receiver in the league. He is on the smaller side for receivers, but has been known, dating back to his West Virginia days, to be extremely agile and quick on his feet. This combination bodes well as your WR2 on your fantasy team. He’s going to see an increase in playing time, combined with more opportunities to make plays and therefore could be a great asset to your team this season.

It is worth noting that there are naysayers to this idea. Those naysayers may say that a player who has done his best work on the field three years into the league is not worth the WR2 position on your team. To those, it is worth pointing out the struggles the Rams have had prior to the 2015 season. Both Austin and the rest of the have seen improvements from the likes of a less injured quarterback, new additions to the team and players like Todd Gurley joining forces to make a dynamic duo of Austin and Gurley. To those naysayers, I say to give Austin a chance as he is on track for bigger numbers, meaning more fantasy points and more opportunity to make money in your fantasy league (provided you’re playing for more than bragging rights).

Last season, Austin finished as a top 25 fantasy wide receiver. If his coaching staff is planning on getting the ball to him more this year, then his statistics will likely improve even more. No one can really tell how a player will turn out on their fantasy team, but it is safe to say that when a player is coming off of a career year, combined with the coaching staff wanting to get him more passes, Austin is posed for a season that expounds on and exceeds his 2015 performance.

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