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WVUPros in the NFL Wildcard Games

Several WVUPros have seen Wildcard game action this weekend, starting with Saturday evening’s matchup between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cincinnati Bengals. The Steelers-Bengals game gave us a handful of Mountaineers facing off against one another, in a game that literally came down to the wire and did not disappoint.

The Steelers, including Mountaineers Terence Garvin and Will Johnson, ending up winning the game 18-16 after the Bengals fell victim to two personal fouls; putting the Steelers in prime field goal position. Terence Garvin accounted for one tackle during the victory. Will Johnson saw action for the Steelers in the tight end position in their Saturday night victory over the Bengals.

For the Bengals, Mountaineer Will Clarke had a tackle for the Bengals defense in the unfortunate late game loss. Arguably the biggest “performance” of the evening came from Bengals cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones. What Jones also had was a late-game personal foul that immediately followed teammate Vontaze Burflict’s penalty for his hit on Steelers’s Antonio Brown. While it is borderline unclear what Pacman’s penalty was for, whether it was arguing with the ref and getting in his face, or conduct that was not made immediately clear, Jones’s penalty ultimately aided in putting the Steelers in game-winning field goal range. The penalty for Jones led to a profane NSFW instagram post where the Bengals player was visibility disgruntled regarding the ref’s decision to give him a personal foul.

While Pacman had two tackles including one solo tackle, two kick returns for 50 yards total, and one punt return for 24 yards, his post-penalty reaction overshadows the plays Jones made during the game. Jones eventually removed his post, but not before literally thousands of people saw his foul word filled video on his social media. Mountaineer Will Clarke also had one tackle for the Bengals in their late-game loss to the Steelers.

Bruce Irvin and the Seattle Seahawks faced off against the Minnesota Vikings in Sunday’s afternoon wildcard game. Irvin started the game for Seattle’s defense. Irvin and the Seahawks held out after a late game missed field goal by the Vikings to head into the playoffs after a 10-9 victory over the the Vikings. Irvin had five tackles, three of which were solo, 0.5 sack and one quarterback hit against Teddy Bridgewater.

Next weekend will provide us with the second round of playoff games, which will give the WVUPros in the NFL the opportunity to get one step closer to the ultimate goal of the Super Bowl.

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