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WVUPros: Karl Joseph to enter defensive lineup

First round draft pick Karl Joseph should be seeing an increase in playing time for the Oakland Raiders in the near future. Joseph is in his rookie season alongside fellow Mountaineer, Bruce Irvin, and it sounds as though Joseph will be shouldering up into the defensive line soon.

The Raiders are 1-1 to start the season, having fallen to the Atlanta Falcons 35-28 this past weekend. Sunday, the Raiders will travel to Nashville, Tennessee to face off against the Titans. With the outcome of last week’s game, the Raiders will look to improve on their loss and bounce back with a win against the Titans.

The Raiders will look to use Karl Joseph in more plays in the upcoming games, so it can be expected to see him in an increased role as soon as Sunday’s game versus the Titans. In college, Joseph was well-recognized as a standout safety. Prior to his senior season-ending injury, Joseph had played in 42 games, completing 208 solo tackles, 16.5 of those being tackles for loss, nine interceptions and two touchdowns. Joseph was a dynamic and integral part of the Mountaineers defense and will likely create that role for himself with the Raiders, and fellow Mountaineer Bruce Irvin at his side.

For Mountaineers fans it goes without saying how badly they want Joseph to succeed with the Raiders. Now that the Raiders suffered a loss during their home-opener, Joseph’s road to success seems to be starting in Tennessee. After the loss, the Raiders coach Jack Del Rio was quoted as saying “I really believed that he should have got in the game yesterday. We’ll make sure that he gets in the game going forward. I think it’s time to see Karl. Yeah, I think that’s a fair question to ask. I think you can anticipate him getting some action this week.” It seems as the Raiders are just as ready as Joseph and Mountaineer fans to see the rookie get out on the field and play ball.

Joseph saw some playing time during the preseason games, but for a player with the drive and determination Joseph has, he is likely to be very eager to start playing and getting out on the field with the Raiders. As the Raiders seem to be in need of a little extra effort from their defense, it looks like both the team’s needs and Joseph’s desire to play may be answered on Sunday versus the Titans.


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