Wednesday, March 20, 2019

WVUPros Merges With Blue Gold Sports

BGS owner Jeremy Simon and WVUPros owner Caleb Wygal are proud to announce the merger between two of the most popular WVU related media sites in the market.

Effective today WVUPros will become part of the Blue Gold Sports media network. While WVUPros will remain it’s own entity on social media keeping it’s current Twitter, Facebook, and Vine accounts all WVUPros content will be published exclusively on BGS.

“I am proud to welcome Caleb and WVUPros to BGS. I believe this merger will make BGS a one-stop shop for all WVU fans,” Jeremy Simon said of the new partnership. “Caleb will continue to update WVU fans of  Mountaineers in the pros while BGS will continue to bring fans the most up-to-date information on current WVU athletes.”

WVUPros will be prevalent on the BGS homepage as well as the forum that will be easily accessible. While WVUPros will be part of BGS it is of minimum change to their followers. You will be able to follow WVUPros on social media the same way you do now through their Twitter and Facebook feeds. The only difference will be all articles and information outside of social media will be exclusive to BGS.

“We are excited to be a member of BGS after four plus years as an independent entity,” said Caleb of WVUPros. “Jeremy and I feel this merger will provide readers with the most complete coverage of WVU Sports available anywhere,” Wygal continued. “My staff and I look forward to continuing to bring you the best coverage of WVU players in pro sports at BGS.”

Both BGS and WVUPros are excited about this opportunity to work together and believe Mountaineer fans will be the ones to benefit the most.




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