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WVUPros: Out and about in the offseason – Pat McAfee and Stedman Bailey

With winter winding down and spring around the corner, the WVUPros in the NFL are on their own version of spring break: the offseason. The offseason is a time for players to renegotiate contracts, rehabilitate any injuries, and have a relatively normal life as opposed to playing football every Sunday in front of hundreds of thousands. As the offseason continues, we will bring stories of what all of our favorite WVUPros are up to as they are out and about in the offseason.

(Photo/Tweet via USS Ronald Regan)
(Photo/Tweet via USS Ronald Regan)

Several weeks ago, Colts punter Pat McAfee took a trip to Japan with several of his fellow Colts teammates and coach Chuck Pagano. McAfee and the Colts were a part of the 50th anniversary of the partnership between the NFL and the USO.

McAfee and his teammates went to Japan to visit the US troops and show appreciation for all that the military does for our country. McAfee and the Colts spent time with many of the active duty military members in Japan, while at the same time taking in the culture and surroundings of the Japanese cities they visited.

McAfee has been known for his military appreciation since joining the NFL, having previously worked with the Wounded Warriors Project as well as supporting many local Indiana military families through the years.

Another WVUPro who has made arguably the biggest strides in the offseason is Rams wide receiver Stedman Bailey. Since Bailey was the unfortunate victim of a shooting in Miami, Florida in late November of last year, Bailey has been on the up hill battle of rehabilitating and getting himself back into football condition since leaving the hospital right before Christmas.

(Tweet via Stedman Bailey twitter; @iamSB3)
(Tweet via Stedman Bailey twitter; @iamSB3)

Bailey’s Twitter account has been a timeline of the progress the athlete has made since the incident, with him tweeting out at the end of February that he graduated from physical therapy. Bailey’s recovery has been nothing short of remarkable and continues to show his Mountaineer spirit, showing that he can defy the odds and make a great effort to get back to football.

Next up for Bailey? Again, according to his twitter, Bailey will be spending time in Los Angeles with some fellow Rams teammates as the Rams have been relocated from St. Louis to Los Angeles.

Bailey and McAfee are just two of the numerous WVUPros taking full advantage of the offseason over these next few months. Just as every little kid looked forward to school being out for summer, the offseason is a time for NFL players to feel like a kid again. Go on vacation, recover from injury, give back to the community; anything to fill the time between the end of the season and practice for the upcoming NFL season.

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