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WVUPros summer outlook: Adam “Pacman” Jones

We kick off our summer looks at Mountaineers in the NFL with the veteran corner/kick returner from Cincinnati.

Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones has been a pivotal member of the Bengals defense over the last several seasons. Jones had his contract renewed in March, signing a three-year deal worth $22 million, making him a free agent for the 2019 season. Going into the summer, one of the questions that is undoubtedly being asked is whether Jones will learn to control his temper and outbursts, as evidenced in the now infamous Vontaze Burflict incident.

While Jones has morphed himself into one of the league’s prominent defensive backs, the nature of Jones’s temper is a near-constant question. It is the hope of Bengals fans, Mountaineer fans and Pacman fans in general that Jones will learn to monitor that erratic temper after essentially 11 years in the NFL.

Another question for Jones’s career going into this summer is whether or not the Bengals will see Jones’s role of punt returner increased. Bengals wide receiver Brandon Tate has been a member of the punt return team for five years and is currently entering his contract year with the team. With that being said, Jones has the possibility of being used more on special teams this upcoming season if the Bengals are not fully satisfied with the punt return team. Jones has been used sporadically for punt returns through the years in Cincinnati and now will face a possibility of more time on the field as both a cornerback and a punt returner.

Jones is entering into summer with a brand new contract in Cincinnati and thereby can focus on the game of football, not contract negotiations. Jones now has the time to hone in on his temper, control his outbursts and focus on the potential of an increased role with the specials teams and punt returns.

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