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WVUPros summer outlook: Bruce Irvin

One of Oakland’s newest off-season additions, Bruce Irvin, is going into the summer as easily one of the best pickups the Raiders got going into the NFL Draft (closing in on fellow Mountaineer Karl Joseph’s first round selection). Irvin had been a vital part of the Seahawks defense over the past several seasons, but Irvin and the Seattle staff could not reach contract terms leaving the outside linebacker to travel south down the west coast to Oakland.

Going into the summer, the Oakland Raiders are now seen to have a stacked defense for the 2016 season. Irvin brings a great amount of both talent and heart to the Raiders for the summer, as he has been increasingly vocal regarding not only his respect for his new team of brothers, but also the success of the Raiders draft picks at the end of April.

With Irvin joining the Raiders, he joins fellow defensive force Khalil Mack, and the two will arguably be a huge force to be reckoned with come September.

Irvin’s addition to the Raiders has the potential to bring the Raiders as a whole back into the talks of being a powerhouse of a team to go up against. Irvin has proven during his years with the Seahawks that he is a dynamic force going up against quarterbacks across the league.

Paired with Mack, Irvin essentially has the opportunity to slide into a new defense and create a name and a legacy with a defense whose potential for growth and domination will only increase as summer OTAs and preseason football looms right around the corner.

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