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WVUPros summer outlook: J.T. Thomas

Giants linebacker J.T. Thomas is starting his second season with the New York Giants this summer and will likely continue to shine on the defense. Thomas is seen as potentially one of the biggest emotional leaders of the Giants defense, and has been considered an asset to the team since joining in 2015. Unfortunately for Thomas, the linebacker suffered a lower leg injury during the off-season and is deemed to be ready for training camps in the coming weeks.

Thomas played in 12 of the Giants games last season and accounted for 46 combined tackles and 16 assisted tackles. In just his first year with the Giants, Thomas suffered a few injuries that limiting his playtime in the fall. Coming into the 2016 season, Thomas is looking to fill the void of a voice for the defense, as it seemed to be lacking at times last season. Thomas has been making a name for himself by being one of the more vocal members of the defense since last fall. It is presumed by many that Thomas will be one of the defense’s leaders in his second year with the team.

In many of this off season reports, J.T. Thomas’s name has been mentioned with fair regularity among the Giants rookies. Thomas was not extremely well-known last off season when he joined the Giants organization, but is changing that this season as he emerges as one of the defensive leaders and has been making an effort to welcome the rookies and make them feel a part of the team.

Since Thomas finished last season on the injured reserved list, going into this season healthy is of utmost importance. It is expected that Thomas will be back at full health going into training camps and will be ready to be one of the top defensive linebackers on the team this fall. While Thomas may be injured now, the linebacker is doing a great job of making a name for himself as one of the emerging leaders on the team.

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