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WVUPros summer outlook: Kevin White

Last spring, the Chicago Bears scored big in the NFL draft with the selection of wide receiver Kevin White. Unfortunately, as many are well aware of, White suffered a rookie season-ending shin injury before the season was actually started. Bears fans have spent the past year getting to know White as a person, not a player, and are now looking forward to seeing White perform like he did during his years in Morgantown.

Going into the summer, White has stated that he is ready to get back to football. There was a brief thought that White would see playing time toward the end of last season, but that did not happen so White has yet to see a snap as an NFL wide receiver. With this summer’s workouts and preseason ball around the corner, the Bears will have a bevy of talent to look forward to in a healthy Kevin White. All that Bears fans know of White at this point is the extreme speed and athleticism he showed at West Virginia. White is a broad-shouldered athlete with great speed to carry his amass of strength and muscle.

The Bears organization looks to pair White up with Alshon Jeffrey during the season, a duo that will bring the offense a great force to be reckoned with come fall. Now that White has healed and recovered, he will likely have a great amount of eyes on him this summer. It goes without saying that many fans will be eager to watch White develop into the NFL wide receiver everyone has been waiting to see since April of 2015.

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