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WVUPros summer outlook: Mario Alford

Next up in our WVUPros in the NFL summer series: Bengals’ second-year receiver and kick returner Mario Alford.

Bengals wide receiver Mario Alford is going into his second season with the Bengals this summer. Alford, a rookie in the 2015 season, did not see a great amount of playing time last season. While some Bengals fans may speak out for the need of more wide receivers on the team, Alford is going into the summer attempting to prove he may be one of the answers to the need of wide receivers.

Alford showed a great amount of talent while at West Virginia, case in point his 100-yard punt return against Alabama in the 2014 season opener. During his rookie season, Alford was able to play in only one game, not being able to show off the skills Mountaineer fans know he is capable of. Now, entering the summer, Alford must show the Bengals organization that he is the answer they are looking for when the need for strong wide receivers is brought up.

Alford showed his speed during his Pro Day, prior to being a seventh round draft pick in 2015. Now, Alford must answer the question of whether he has more to offer besides his speed and agility. The NFL is filled with a great amount of pressure to perform and Alford must show that he is capable of that level of performance.

The summer workouts and eventually the preseason games in August are the perfect times for Alford to show that he is capable of stepping up to the task of being one of the Bengals’s strong wide receivers. The time is now for Alford to step up into the role of an explosive wide receiver for the Bengals.

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