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WVUPros summer outlook: Mark Glowinski

We examine Seahawks’ guard Mark Glowinski and his emerging role for the team.

Last season, rookie Mark Glowinski shared the Seahawks bench with fellow Mountaineer Bruce Irvin. In Glowinksi’s second season in the NFL, Glowinski looks to grow into a more defined role with the team as the lone Mountaineer on the bench. Glowinski was a stand out guard during his time at West Virginia, and has the potential to make the same name for himself at Seattle.

Glowinksi had one start at left guard during his rookie season in the fall. Going into this summer, Glowinski now has the potential to take on the role of left guard in a more permanent manner, as J.R. Sweezy is no longer with the Seahawks. During the off-season, Glowinski has been spotted working out with fellow teammate and fellow lineman, Justin Britt. The two linemen have been working out together, and while it is still semi-unclear as to which of the teammates will get the role of starting left guard, the duo will be able to say they are both working hard to get ready for the fall’s season.

With Glowinski using his time during the off-season to make the most of his workouts, it is clear that the Seahawks linemen are making strides to again be one of the top offensive lines in the league. Glowinski’s single start during his rookie season last falls showed the promise and potential that Glowinski has for a long career in Seattle.

The Seahawks start OTAs this week, giving fans and coaches a first glimpse at the improvement made by Glowinski and his fellow linemen. Over the next few weeks, Glowinksi’s role on the Seahawks offensive line will likely be more carved out and defined as we look to the fall season.


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