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XFL’s short-lived season comes to end, as does entire league

The global pandemic COVID-19 has caused drastic changes throughout our society and there have been many businesses that have not made it thus far. The XFL is officially one of those businesses to not make it. Vince McMahon and the XFL officially filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy this week.

Mountaineer and former West Virginia athletic director Oliver Luck was the CEO of the XFL.

With the XFL having had a short run and the sports world in limbo for now, the question of if the XFL can get bought out and resuscitated is an excellent question. Would Oliver Luck stay on as CEO or will he move on to his next endeavor? What about a possible return to college football? Selfishly, this writer thinks he’s always done really well in college football and would be an asset back at the NCAA.

Per ESPN, the league has the potential to be sold during this bankruptcy filing time and process. Employees of the league were paid through April 12 and advance ticket sales were being refunded.

There were several Mountaineers on XFL rosters during the short-lived league, getting added time on the field to give themselves a chance to potentially make it to the NFL. For a full list of Mountaineers that were in the XFL, check it out here.

The XFL helped athletes reopen the door to the NFL, or potentially the CFL when many thought those doors had closed. Now that the XFL is no longer an option, it will be interesting to see what these athletes choose to do in their next career steps.

Hopefully the XFL can be salvaged and will be another sporting event to look forward to in the early months of 2021.

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