Fall Preseason training camp for the West Virginia Mountaineers is finally here, and with that means we get to hear from the players for the first time this season. Here is what new starting RB Tony Mathis had to say.

On having a bigger role this season

“No pressure, more excitement than pressure. I feel good though, leading, playing with this team I feel good.” 

On being a leader

“It’s hard to be a leader so you have to work harder cause you the standard so you gotta hold people up to that so you gotta hold people up to that.”

On starting the season at Pitt

“We don’t like them I know that. It’s a good opportunity for everybody. A big game, a rival, that goes way back before I was born, so I know that it’s a big game for the fans, especially us.

On the offensive line

“They been doing a great job, they had a great summer as well, they probably had the best summer as a whole, as a group then anybody, so they did a really good job. .”

On if Pitt’s defensive line is a motivator

“Definitely, it’s a motive for our offensive linemen too, to show that they a great o-line too, it’s gonna be a great game, so I’m ready for it, we all ready for it, our o-line damn sure ready for it.”

On the young guys behind him

“They been proving, they been pushing me to improve, they came along a lot, especially Justin and Jaylen, they been doing a good job. Me and Justin we go back and forth, it’s a pull and push type of thing.”

Mathis finished last season rushing for 312 yards on 72 carries, in nine games played.

Photo courtesy of: WVUSports.com