WVU Women’s Soccer head coach Nikki Izzo-Brown leads her 2-4 squad against someone she knows exceptionally well on Thursday.

Her daughter, Sammie Brown, and the Auburn Tigers will come to Morgantown tomorrow night to face Izzo-Brown’s Mountaineers.

“She has obviously always cheered for the Mountaineers, and to find herself in a position to cheer against them, I know, is very emotional for her,” Izzo-Brown said.

The Mountaineers are coming off a 3-1 loss to Liberty and are looking for a much-needed win.

In order to get back on track, Izzo-Brown said they have to eliminate errors and get themselves in a position to win.

“What’s gonna be key for us is that we are eliminating the errors and putting ourselves in the best position to win,” Izzo-Brown said.

The team is currently on a two-game losing streak and has a chance to get on the right track in front of the home crowd.

“We feel that we do a good job at home and have to continue to protect the home wins, and we are happy to be back at home and being focused on what we have to fix going into the Auburn game,” Izzo-Brown said.

West Virginia will kickoff against Auburn on Thursday night at 7 p.m. on ESPN+.