West Virginia Football added four new former Mountaineers to the NFL at the end of last month. Center Zach Frazier was drafted by the Steelers in Round Two while CB Beanie Bishop, OL Doug Nester, and WR Devin Carter signed UDFA deals with the Steelers, Vikings, and Panthers respectively.

Three of out the four listed above have their jersey number announced with their respective teams, with Carter being the only one not yet assigned a number.

Zach Frazier will wear number 54 with the Steelers. That is the same number as he wore at West Virginia and it is a number that he wears after Dolphins icon Zach Thomas, whom he was named after.

Beanie Bishop will wear number 30 with the Steelers for now. Bishop wore number 11 at West Virginia and the current number 30 is shared with Steelers RB Jaylen Warren, so if Bishop makes the Steelers roster come the regular season, he will need to switch jersey numbers.

Doug Nester will wear number 72 with the Vikings, which was the same number he wore during his time at West Virginia.

Devin Carter’s jersey number has not yet been announced, though Carter wore number 5 during his lone season at West Virginia and number 5 with the Panthers is already occupied by WR Diontae Johnson.